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Why Choose Trilogy Mentor?

Single Box Solution

A single box solution that ensures absolute synchronization of video, audio, NTP and time code in any broadcast or professional media application


Fully scalable design allows you to grow the system in line with your needs. Unprecedented level of flexibility that allows adaptation to any environment or application – from a simple media installation to an entire broadcast center.

Precision and Accuracy

The ultimate in precision timing, long term stability and reliability – for complete peace of mind and broadcast accuracy.


For added security, main and reserve Mentor RG units may be deployed with the Mentor CX auto changeover to create a highly resilient maser generator solution.

Eclipse HX Supporting 200 FreeSpeak Beltpacks

The Eclipse HX-Median and -Omega frames fitted with four E-IPA cards can now support up to 200 FreeSpeak beltpacks. The general set-up in the diagram shows each E-IPA card connecting to a network switch with a PTP boundary clock. The boundary clock is fed timing from the Mentor RG (or an alternative stable reference generator) which functions as the primary clock on the network. In networks supporting greater than 100 beltpacks, a very stable primary clock is required to maintain precise timing in all devices. IP based transceivers are then deployed off each of the switches to generate four separate RF zones with 50 beltpacks each, for a total of 200 beltpacks.

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